Apr 09 2015

Threat Analytics Platform – 5 Signs Your Business Needs It

Most security teams work hard to collect cyber threat information, and they want to develop quick and effective incident responses. Unfortunately, information comes in at an astounding volume, and it becomes impossible to assess which threats matter most. If any of these five scenarios sound like your hardworking but overwhelmed security team, it’s time to invest in a threat analytics platform.

1. Your Resources Are Stretched Thin

Your company has a ton of cyber threat data available, but you don’t have the personnel or the budget to analyze it and find meaningful patterns. A good cyber threat analytics platform can sift through all of your threat intelligence feeds, identify correlations and help you deploy limited resources in the most effective way.

2. Your SIEM Tools Just Aren’t Enough

Your SIEM tools aggregate logs and alert you to potential cyber threats, but you don’t have time to review logs, and your team has become numb to false positives. A cyber threat analytics platform does more than just tell you about every potential event. It tells you which threats are most likely to hurt your organization based on your assets and your current vulnerabilities.

3. You’re Unsure About Internal and Third-Party Security

Perimeter security is only one aspect of situational awareness. You also need a handle on both insider threats and business partner security. With cyber threat analytics, you gain insight into both internal and third-party vulnerabilities. Taken together with your perimeter threat intelligence, this information gives you true situational awareness.

4. You Aren’t Escalating Time-Sensitive Information

With all of the alerts, logs and threat feeds, recognizing a serious threat becomes akin to finding a needle in a haystack. With a threat analytics platform, you can see immediate threats in your dashboard and show them to your management team. Management understands immediately why they should feel concerned and why they should give you more resources.

5. Your C-Suite Doesn’t Understand Security

When the C-suite doesn’t grasp your information security needs, you’re not going to get enough personnel or money. With a cyber threat analytics dashboard, management can visualize both pending threats and your defensive status. They can forecast potential breach costs, analyze patching and updating expenses, and feel good about allocating resources to your department.

Take Action

By taking the flood of data from your threat feeds, taming it and making it real through visual analytics, threat analytics platforms turn hypothetical cyber specters into visible, quantifiable risks. You can rest easy about log analysis and eliminate many false positives. Employees and managers become partners in mitigating cyber threats.

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