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Why Ikanow?

We enable organizations to connect the dots and

provide insights that lead to brilliant decisions.

Do you
  • Lack staff to meet all of your analytical needs?
  • Have access to the data you need to make informed decisions?
  • Find yourself locked into costly, proprietary solutions and need more flexibility?
  • It take too long for you or your team to perform the analysis needed to make informed decisions?
  • Your team need more time to go through available data sources to reach a conclusion, or are they forced to make decisions based on incomplete information?

These are the types of challenges our clients come to us to solve

The side-by-side integration of record-based analysis with a robust, cost-effective, and scalable analytics platform is a game changer for my analysts. IKANOW provides the flexibility to solve not just today’s problems – but the ‘unknown/unknowns’ of tomorrow’s problems.
Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence from a Fortune 200 organization

How do we do it?

Why life is better with Ikanow

Organizations struggle to detect and combat cyber threats; with Ikanow they are able to become more proactive in detecting and combating threats.

Organizations make risky decisions due to not having all the information they need. With Ikanow they achieve a complete picture of their problem and the data needed to make more informed decisions.

Organizations make risky decisions due to having incomplete information sets. With Ikanow they achieve a complete picture of their problem and the data needed to make more informed decisions

Proprietary systems can lead to higher costs and lock you into their platform and consulting resources. Ikanow provides a cost-effective, open, and scalable analytical platform to meet your specific needs.

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