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    See IKANOW CTO Chris Morgan at InfraGard Next Week

    IKANOW CTO and co-founder Chris Morgan will present at the InfraGard conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, February 17th. The topic of his presentation: “What is the employee’s role in cybersecurity and what does that mean to the CISO?” Although 80% of cyber threats come from outside an organization, a full 20% stem from insider threats according to Verizon’s “2015 Data Breach Investigations Report.” CISOs must defend against all attacks. In the end, every attack is looking for a host and increasingly these are unaware employees or exposed laptops. The…

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    IKANOW Joins Top 20 on Cybersecurity 500 List

    Reston, VA – January 19, 2016 – IKANOW, the leader in open-source information security analytics, today announced it has joined the ranks of the top 20 on Cybersecurity Ventures’ Q1 2016 Cybersecurity 500 list at number 19. The Cybersecurity 500 is a directory of the most innovative cyber security companies to watch. “IKANOW’s latest release is resonating with CISOs,” said Steve Morgan, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures. “IKANOW is helping CISOs take fast and effective action to combat cyber threats due to their ability to contextualize breaches and prioritize top vulnerabilities…

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    Why the CISO Should Be A Peer, Not an Underling

    To Get Really Secure, First Empower Your Leadership: Why the CISO Should Be A Peer, Not an Underling Each time there’s a major security breach, organizations at all levels reevaluate their cyber security procedures and teams. In fact, 47 percent of C-suite executives  hold CISOs accountable for a breach. Some companies choose to use the CISO as a scapegoat but don’t address what it will really take to shore up their enterprise security – all too often this includes empowering the CISO within the C-suite. There’s significant value in having the CISO considered equal to…

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    A SIEM is not enough: moving to a complete cyber security solution

    Today’s chief information officers (CIOs) receive enormous amounts of security data, and they need every bit. A steady stream of data from endpoint devices, threat intelligence feeds and SIEM tools (security information and event management)  is essential to mounting a proactive defense against today’s cyber security threats. However, data collection alone isn’t enough. Today’s organizations need threat analytics to transform data into actionable intelligence. Taking Data from Ubiquitous to Useful At Hadoop Summit 2014, Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden predicted that enterprise data volume would grow 50 times year over year…