Dec 03 2015

Significant Data Breaches – November 2015

IKANOW’s major breach index along with a recap of the major data breaches that took place in November 2015 are listed below.



VTech – 5 Million Records Exposed – Malicious Outsider



Vtech, manufacturers of e-learning products and cordless telephones, was breached this month, exposing the records of approximately 4.8 million adults and 200,000 children. Exposed data included contact information, login credentials, download histories and personal information such as children’s age, gender, and birthdays. Photographs and chat logs of children and parents using the Kid Connect service were also exposed.

In an interview with Motherboard, the hacker claiming responsibility for the breach said he planned to do ‘Nothing’ with the information, claiming to have shared it only with Motherboard. The hack has lead to concerns regarding the overall security of information in the IoT.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts – 54 locations affected – Malicious Outsider



Starwood Hotels & Resorts was breached this month by malware affecting point-of-sale registers in more than 50 – mainly Sheraton and Westin – locations.

The breach exposed the credit card information of customers who had shopped, dined, or made a purchase at a hotel between November 2014- May 2015. In a letter to its customers, the company said the breach had not affected guest reservation or preferred guest Membership systems.

Moneybookers & Neteller – 8.1 Million Record Exposed – Malicious Outsider



New details of a 2009-10 breach involving online gambling payments processors Moneybookers and Neteller came to light this month. Although the original breach was dismissed as insignificant, it now appears the breach exposed the personal account information of an estimated 8.1 Million people.

The hackers accessed Neteller’s information by exploiting their Joomla CMS, which was used for marketing operations only. Moneybookers was accessed through a VPN account, with the company alleging that the possibility of financial records having been exposed was low.

Law Enforcement Databases Exposed – Malicious Outsider



A hacker group who go by the name Crackas with Attitude has breached a number of tools and portals used by the FBI and law enforcement agencies around the country. One such portal, JABS (Joint Automated Booking System), contains a database of US arrest records, some of which are under court seal.

Other data breached includes chat logs between law enforcement officials, and information about active shooters and terrorist threats. The group claim their attack is on-going as they attempt to pull additional data from the system.

In addition to the portal breach, the group posted the personal information of 3,000 government employees online, stating that this was the first of many such information dumps.

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