Nov 18 2015

IKANOW Moves into Top 50 on Cybersecurity 500 List for 2015

IKANOW moved into the top 50 of the Cybersecurity 500 at number 42.

IKANOW, the leader in open-source big data cyber analytics and threat prioritization, today announced it moved into the top 50 of the Cybersecurity 500 at number 42. The Cybersecurity 500 is a directory of the most innovative cyber security companies to watch according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

“IKANOW’s platform is gaining traction among CISOs because it helps them rapidly identify and prioritize threats,” said Steve Morgan, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures. He added, “IKANOW is leading the industry by enabling rapid integration of a large number of information security data sources and even offering a scoring capability to differentiate the value of threat feed data.” cybersecurity500extralarge

“In a world where cyber pirates and pick-pockets have gained the upper hand, rapid threat identification and prioritization driven by big data analytics can level the playing field. Information security today requires that companies quickly and accurately analyze both structured and unstructured data to uncover cyber threats before they wreak havoc on the business,” said Dave Camarata, IKANOW co-founder, president and chief executive officer. “We are pleased that our open-source, lightning-fast analytics platform was recognized by Cybersecurity Ventures as an industry-leading innovation.”

Corporate cyber security teams are overwhelmed with a deluge of data provided by an ever-increasing number of systems. IKANOW’s Information Security Analytics platform can integrate those sources in hours and provide a holistic view that eliminates noise and enables rapid prioritization of cyber threats. Identification and prioritization are critical. To deliver these capabilities, IKANOW marries cyber management reporting and risk assessment with lightning fast big data analysis of internal and external feeds. The outcome is faster decision-making to thwart cyber security risks. According to a top five U.S. bank, IKANOW’s Information Security Analytics platform increased their cyber security team’s efficiency by 50 percent.

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IKANOW provides Fortune 1000 organizations an open, flexible, scalable and lightning fast information security analytics platform that enables CISOs to continuously optimize their cyber security posture and reduce risk across the enterprise.

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