Jul 20 2016

IKANOW 2.0 Delivers First Customizable Information Security Analytics Platform

A Solution Built on Scalable, Lightning Fast Open Source Technologies, Packaged for Rapid Implementation and Multi-tenant configuration

Reston, VA — IKANOW today announced the first fully customizable information security analytics platform with enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy. There are many packaged solutions that claim big data analytics capabilities but simply don’t meet the scalability requirements of large enterprises nor do they allow for easy customization that companies need. Built on open sources technologies, IKANOW meets enterprise requirements for both scalability and ease of customization. IKANOW’s 2.0 release also has an extensive set of standard features and an interactive dashboard that includes matches for indicators of compromise (IOC), relevant threat intelligence, asset-based views and log data.

“I have never seen two enterprise networks that were identical. Innovative companies have introduced personalized medicine for patient health, shouldn’t we have customized information security tools to meet the unique needs enterprise security health? IKANOW 2.0 meets this objective and has the scalability, ease of integration and data visualization capabilities that information security teams need today,” said IKANOW chief technology officer Chris Morgan.

IKANOW’s Manoj Srivastava, vice president of engineering, added, “The purpose of information security analytics is to detect attacks as fast as possible, enabled IT professionals to block or stop an attack and provided detailed information to reconstruct an attack. Security analytics does this by collecting, correlating and analyzing a wide range of data from SIEM, threat intelligence, asset, endpoint and even Netflow, PCAP and other internal and external sources. It is at the intersection of these data sources that previously undetected hacker activity can often be exposed. However, you need a highly scalable and lightning fast analytics solution that can easily integrate with multiple data sources to make it work. And, you want to be able to customize the analytics to your specific IT environment. IKANOW’s 2.0 release enhances the ability to customize our already lightning fast open-source based analytics solution and includes SPARK for near real-time analytics.”

Meeting the Unique Needs of MSSPs and Multi-tenancy

IKANOW’s 2.0 release was designed both for the enterprise and for managed security service providers (MSSP). Like large enterprises, MSSPs need a solution that is easily customized to address unique customer challenges and integrate with their other offerings. They also need scalability. In addition, IKANOW’s 2.0 release fills a critical gap in industry offerings. It multi-tenancyprovides a multi-tenant architecture that enables MSSPs to manage multiple clients from a single IKANOW instance. This reduces IT operations costs and enables MSSPs to manage common threats across customers from a single dashboard. They no longer need to install and manage separate instances for different customers. They can have a multi-tenant solution today.

“Some enterprises have also expressed interest in a multi-tenant solution. Today, large enterprises often need to duplicate information security infrastructure when network topologies are segmented by business unit or geography. IKANOW’s 2.0 multi-tenancy capabilities offer the opportunity for these enterprise users to manage their entire information security analytics from a single solution. Multi-tenant security analytics is an important capability for both enterprise users and MSSPs,” said Manoj Srivastava.


IKANOW provides Fortune 1000 organizations and MSSPs an open, scalable and customizable information security analytics platform that is lightning fast. Built on proven open source technologies and tailored for information security, IKANOW enables enterprises to detect breaches faster, protect information assets and reduce risk across the enterprise. To learn more please visit

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Scott Raspa

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