RPM downloads for the latest Community Edition release are available below.

If your operating system is not listed, download the source at the bottom of this page. Click here for directions on how to install IKANOW’s Community Edition.

Enterprise Linux (Red Hat / Centos)

5.x/6.x | 7kb Online

VirtualBox VM (Centos 6)

Download | 4GB • Instructions

AWS (Cloud)

Launch IKANOW in the cloud with Amazon Web Services.
Get Started


Source | 188mb
Download Source File

VirtualBox VM (Centos 6) Instructions
  1. In VirtualBox, select “File>import appliance” and select the downloaded OVA (Infinit.e_VM_demo.ova). Read and accept the disclaimer (you will be automatically prompted when you import).
  2. Ensure port 8080 on the host is not in use (eg by IIS or tomcat)
  3. From VirtualBox, “settings” for the imported VM, under network, create a NAT ethernet interface, if one is not already present (it should be); and set up a port forward from host:8080 to guest:8080 (under “advanced > port forwarding”), if it is not already present (it should be)
  4. On the host browser (not the guest – the guest VM browser is too old and is not compatible with the IKANOW UI so cannot be used), go to “localhost:8080” on the browser, log-in with the following:
    Pass: infinit.e!2013
  5. Note that both the username and password can be changed from localhost:8080/manager (in addition to creating non admin accounts)
  6. If required for administration, The VM operating system (Centos6.3) has 2 accounts, user and root. The log-in username is user/user123 and the root account is root/root123.
  7. Note that the harvester is turned off by default to enable the VM to run on machines with lower memory footprints. If you have 4GB+, the harvester can be started from the command line as root by “service infinite-px-engine start”.
  8. Please Note: If Google tells you we’ve been downloaded too many times email us for an alternate links.

*We recommend using 64-bit CentOS