Feb 16 2016

DC Inno on IKANOW, “a startup that uses big data to crush hackers…”

DC Inno recently interviewed IKANOW co-founders Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan for a profile story on IKANOW’s beginnings and growth. DC Inno’s Chris Bing begins, “Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan were once contracted by the U.S. military because of the powerful big data analytics software they created. The pair used their platform to predict the placement of improvised explosive devices (IED) in dangerous war zones, through their former company MTC Services Corporation (MTCSC), to keep armed forces safe. Now, Morgan and Camarata are applying a similar technology approach to understand and ultimately stop hackers via their young cybersecurity startup, IKANOW.”

“IKANOW is a cybersecurity startup that specializes on three core aspects: breach contextualization, breach detection and anticipating risk so companies can guard against hackers. In this context, the breach is when a hacker first enters a system. And within the larger industry, cutting down on this dwell time, or the amount of time during which a hacker is accessing records, is vital.”

To read the whole IKANOW evolution story, click here or on the image below.


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