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The world’s first unstructured analytics platform

Ready to gain some traction with open source analytics? Ikanow’s Community Edition lets you tap into unstructured and structured data. This powerful open source analytics delivers cutting-edge ingest, search, useful data widgets and export features in an open, self-supported platform. This powerful tool integrates with third-party applications to provide an all-in-one solution for open source data analytics.


Release Notes

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March 2014 (Latest Release)

  • Allow custom analytics to read JSON/XML/CSV data directly from the HDFS filesytem, using directory names to dictate access controls
  • Provided a beta interface in the source builder to access the results of custom plugins and already ingested sources
  • Can now run custom plugins vs full Infinit.e queries (including text searches backed by Lucene)
  • Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements


February 2014

  • Further improvements to Hadoop performance
  • Major improvements to the source builder – added document splitter, web-link following for file/DB sources, execution criteria, and a convert-to-new-format button in the Source Editor
  • Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

January 2014

  • A set of Hadoop improvements: support for variable reducers, text file output format to HDFS, and different intermediate mapper key/value classes
  • Can now read a set of round robin web proxies from file
  • Can now drag all visible nodes from the event graph (eg into the case visualizer)
  • Source pipeline continuing enhancements: can now make URL requests from file/DB harvesters
  • Working beta support for ingestion of results of custom tables, including running the custom table multiple times
  • Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

December 2013

  • Source pipeline tweaks
  • Improved tomcat support
  • Bug fixes

November 2013

  • Added an export to CSV for entity significance/sentiment widgets
  • Index engine will read a custom config to allow deployers more fine-grained control over elasticsearch memory usage
  • Improved the KML viewing options in the map widget
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

A complete list of the build notes or copies of the previous release build  notes can be found here.

The Ikanow Community Edition platform was a critical piece to our application. The ease of use and flexibility of capturing unstructured data and performing analytics made it an easy decision for us to use.
Qasim Mueen CEO, Visual Insights


Community Edition is self-supported open source software. The Enterprise Edition includes technical support, managed upgrades and enterprise features. For more information about other editions , click the button below.

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