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The world’s first unstructured security analytics platform

Ready to gain some traction with open source analytics? IKANOW’s Community Edition lets you tap into unstructured and structured data. This powerful open source security analytics tool delivers cutting-edge ingest, search, useful data widgets and export features in an open, self-supported platform. This powerful tool integrates with third-party applications to provide an all-in-one solution for open source data analytics. Click here to learn the difference between Community and Enterprise editions.


Release Notes

Community Edition (Infinit.e) Wiki on Github

March 2015 (latest release)

  • The harvester javascript engine now uses Nashorn for increased speed
  • Upgrades to a number of core technologies (Elasticsearch, Java, MonogDB, Hadoop)


January 2015

  • Technology updates to Elasticsearch 1.4
  • Further custom/source editing integration
  • Templated source widget
  • Shareable saved queries and pivots

November 2014

September 2014

  • Support for viewing docs and custom results in Kibana
  • Distributed Logstash processing
  • Alpha Federated query capabilities
  • Substitution variables for more secure use of access credentials in sources
  • Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

July 2014

  • Read/write functionality for shares
  • A new “self merge” mode for custom Hadoop plugins
  • Additional bug fixes & improvements

May 2014

  • A new xpath flag (“g”) in “Content Metadata” (contentMeta) harvest pipeline elements, which converts HTML tables into JSON arrays
  • Created REST call for reverse geo-coding (named geographic features from lat/long)
  • Support for a new “record” JSON object type (much more lightweight than documents), ingested via the logstash interface and searchable/visualized via Kibana, available as a widget
  • Added PDF support to our AlchemyAPI and Boilerpipe extractors
  • Support for an incremental map/reduce mode for custom jobs where the old records are preserved, and new records with the same key result in an extra reduce step enabling the 2 records to be merged
  • Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

March 2014

  • Allow custom analytics to read JSON/XML/CSV data directly from the HDFS filesytem, using directory names to dictate access controls
  • Provided a beta interface in the source builder to access the results of custom plugins and already ingested sources
  • Can now run custom plugins vs full Infinit.e queries (including text searches backed by Lucene)
  • Additional Bug Fixes & Improvements

A complete list of the build notes or copies of the previous release build  notes can be found here.

Community Edition is self-supported open source software. The Enterprise Edition includes technical support, managed upgrades and enterprise features. For more information about other editions , click the button below.

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