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    Five Killer Techniques for Data Mining

    If the idea of “big data” intimidates you or if the concept of “data mining” sounds like intense labor to you, you’re not alone. Although powerful information can be gathered from infinite sources at any given time, it’s only natural that the majority of businesses have no idea where to begin in collecting relevant data. Because of this, data mining softwares and companies have emerged in order to assist corporations and governmental entities in collecting and organizing big data in such a way that it is able to help achieve…

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    IKANOW Releases Free API for Big Data Developers [News Release]

    New Developer API organizes, harnesses and enriches Big Data sources for actionable intelligence. IKANOW recently released a new free tool for developers to harness the power of Big Data. The new Developer API turns Big Data problems into analytical solutions. This free tool makes it simple for developers to organize, harvest and enrich a wide array of structured and unstructured data sources to build compelling data-driven applications. IKANOW designed the API for developers who create applications that use unstructured data or who integrate unstructured analytics into existing applications. This free…