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    Palantir’s Struggles and Big Data’s Evolution in Information Security

    The media has documented some recent struggles by Palantir in retaining customers and staff. Included in this coverage is an assertion in a BuzzFeed article that: “Toward the end of last year, Palantir killed its effort to create an elite cybersecurity group, after executives decided it wasn’t gaining enough traction… In April 2015, employees were informed that American Express had dumped Palantir after 18 months of cybersecurity work… At its peak last year, two of the sources said, the cybersecurity team included more than 10 forward deployed engineers; the majority…

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    The Verizon DBIR, the Phish Labs’ Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report, and a number of other recent announcements confirm what we all know. Phishing is a popular attack vector. This is an important data point for information security leaders. It also logically leads to two questions: Can you stop phishing to secure your enterprise assets? If you could stop phishing, what next? There is a lesson here in building an effective and resilient information security infrastructure that is missing in most enterprises today. A RESILIENT VECTOR AND AN ELUSIVE FOE…

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    DC Inno on IKANOW, “a startup that uses big data to crush hackers…”

    DC Inno recently interviewed IKANOW co-founders Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan for a profile story on IKANOW’s beginnings and growth. DC Inno’s Chris Bing begins, “Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan were once contracted by the U.S. military because of the powerful big data analytics software they created. The pair used their platform to predict the placement of improvised explosive devices (IED) in dangerous war zones, through their former company MTC Services Corporation (MTCSC), to keep armed forces safe. Now, Morgan and Camarata are applying a similar technology approach to understand…

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    The Impact of Cybersecurity’s Top Breaches of 2015 – cyber incidents get bigger and go mainstream

    Target’s 2013 cybersecurity breach captured the attention of average Americans in a way that no previous incident had before. Once it was clear the company’s CEO was a casualty of the breach fallout, it also gained the attention of chief executives and corporate boards. This concern was only heightened by the 2014 Sony breach that was extensive in both scope and embarrassment. The Sony incident redefined for many the types of data that can damage a company both directly and indirectly. However, in 2014 it often seemed like cybersecurity breaches…

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    See IKANOW CTO Chris Morgan at InfraGard Next Week

    IKANOW CTO and co-founder Chris Morgan will present at the InfraGard conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, February 17th. The topic of his presentation: “What is the employee’s role in cybersecurity and what does that mean to the CISO?” Although 80% of cyber threats come from outside an organization, a full 20% stem from insider threats according to Verizon’s “2015 Data Breach Investigations Report.” CISOs must defend against all attacks. In the end, every attack is looking for a host and increasingly these are unaware employees or exposed laptops. The…

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    Things Have Changed in Cybersecurity – the Political Front

    On January 12th, Jeb Bush published an article in Business Insider titled “Here’s my plan to address the monumental threat of cyber attacks.” Put aside your partisan hat for a moment. This is the first time I can recall a prominent presidential candidate making information security such a prominent part of a campaign’s policy focus. I am sure Bush supporters will point out that this is not quite new. He posted short articles on cybersecurity in Medium back in June and September. However, the recent moves by his campaign to…