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    Will Compliance-Driven Investment Help or Hinder Information Security?

    If information security is your objective, compliance should not be your north star. However, data show that for most organizations compliance is the driver of information security investment. That means compliance is also the objective and information security is not necessarily the intended outcome. Data from the 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report show that although 91% of survey participants were concerned about the security of their data and 61% had experienced a data breach, only 21% “cited a past data breach as a reason for securing sensitive data.” You would…

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    Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Risk Realized – Things Have Changed

    The Aurora Generator Test carried out by Idaho National Laboratory in 2007 introduced much of the world to the idea that a cyber hack could cause damage and disrupt electricity distribution. While the test was real, the hack required a successful intrusion first and there were no real-world incidents that actually realized electricity disruption – until last month. By now, most people in the information security community are aware of the hack on at least two Ukrainian power authorities in Ivano-Frankivsk region. As much as high-profile cybersecurity attacks ranging from…

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    Significant Data Breaches – July 2015

    IKANOW’s major breach index along with a recap of the major data breaches that took place in July 2015 are listed below.   Service System Associates – malicious outsider Service Systems Associates is a customer amenities company that operates eateries and gift shops at cultural attractions across the United States A breach was reported involving point-of-sale malware at gifts shops in several locations. The breach is thought to have originated on March 23, and compromised cards through July 25. Trump Hotel Collection – malicious outsider The Trump Hotel Collection is…

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    Finding Useful Information with your SIEM Tools

    For many companies, the “boy who cried wolf” isn’t a fable. A constant stream of security alerts generated by security information and event management (SIEM) systems can’t distinguish the wolf from the sheepdog, or even the sheep. A study by the Ponemon Institute found that typical companies receive 17,000 malware alerts a week, and fewer than 3,500 are reliable. Only a much smaller fraction, about 700 alerts, is investigated. And those are just malware alerts, not other kinds of threats. Most companies can’t add enough staff to review and respond…

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    InfoSec Analytics: IKANOW’s Major New Release

    Next level infosec analytics We are thrilled to announce today the release of the next version of our Enterprise Edition Information Security Analytics (ISA) platform. This new release will feature several major enhancements to our previous Enterprise Edition.  These enhancements will bolster the ability to actively recalibrate your security posture by applying adaptable analytical techniques and measurement tools that automate analysis and decision-making processes. This new release will include: A simple 3-step source/data ingestion process Enhanced sorting and searching of data 3rd party integrations Ability to collaborate create comprehensive visualizations Let’s…

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    IKANOW’s major breach index along with a recap of the major data breaches that took place in June 2015 are listed below.   Japan’s National Pension System – Malicious Outsider – 1.25M records exposed Japan’s national pension system was attacked and information such as names, ID numbers, date of births, were compromised. The attacked was first discovered on May 28th and was the result of an employee opening a malicious email. According to authorities, more sensitive information (payment info) was not compromised. iiNet – Malicious Outsider – 31,000 records exposed iiNet, Australia’s second-largest internet service…

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    Significant Data Breaches – May 2015

    IKANOW’s major breach index along with a recap of the major data breaches that took place in May 2015 are listed below.   mSpy – Malicious Outsider – 400,000 records exposed KrebsonSecurity broke the news that mSpy, a brand of mobile and computer monitoring software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS, had been massively hacked. A huge amount of data was (apparently) stolen from the company’s servers and posted on the deep web. Emails, text messages, payment information, location data and more were exposed. World Trade Organization (WTO) – Hacktivist…

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    This is part 3 of our blog series, “Are your threat intelligence feeds saving you, or costing you?”. Part 1 covered gathering threat intelligence feeds and part 2 covered selecting the sources themselves. This blog will talk about how to leverage and get value from threat intelligence and threat analytics. Analytics ensures you get the most out of your threat feeds IDC estimates that spending on threat intelligence services will grow to more than $1.4 billion by 2018. But all that spending is useless if the data provided by the threat…

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    Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You – Part 2

    This is Part 2 of our blog series, “Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You.” Part 1 focused on gathering threat intelligence and making it work for you. This post will cover how to select threat intelligence feeds along with a few of our favorite private threat intel sources. How To Select The Best Threat Intelligence Feeds When evaluating which threat intelligence feed(s) are best for your organization, there are several things you should consider and learn. However, before you evaluate these feeds, you need to understand your organization’s mission, business, and…

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    Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You – Part 1

    This is the Part 1 of our blog series, “Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You.” Threat intelligence feeds are key to an effective cybersecurity arsenal. Combining the right feeds for your organization, and enhancing the feeds with an analytical threat intelligence platform, can dramatically improve an organization’s security posture. In Part 1 we look at two general types of threat intelligence feeds: private feeds and public (open source) feeds. Where Threat Intelligence Feeds Come From Ericka Chickowski of Dark Reading recently wrote a piece on the origins of threat intel. She references…