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    Ransomware has certainly captured the attention of the media and hospitals across the country.  The poster child of this trend is Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC) in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, HPMC was the victim of a Ransomware attack and paid $17,000 to get the key and access their files again. More recently, the 10-hospital Medstar system in the Washington, DC area was attacked and asked for 45 bitcoins (about $18,500), although the hospital claims to have restored its data without paying the ransom. In between these attacks, three…

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    Knowns and Unknowns: What it Means to Shift from Prevention to Detection and Response

    “We haven’t stopped huge breaches. The focus now is on resilience, with smarter ways to detect attacks and faster ways to respond to them.”  MIT Technology Review, January 2016 There is a lot of talk about shifting the information security posture from a focus on prevention to greater emphasis on detection and response. In a world where you assume everyone is breached, the logical strategy involves rapid identification and containment. It doesn’t mean you stop patching vulnerabilities. It does mean that organizations need new tools, processes and, in many cases,…

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    50% of Information Security Professionals Lack Confidence in Their Security Solutions – no surprise there

    Barkly recently released a survey of 350 IT professionals to gauge their confidence in the existing information security infrastructure. One key finding is that 50% have confidence in their current security posture. According to Barkly researchers, that means 50% are not confident. A Dark Reading article reported that Barkly co-founder and CTO Jack Danahy “found it startling that such a large number of respondents in the survey don’t trust their security solutions. ‘Around half of the people we talked to don’t have confidence in the choices that they’ve already made,’…

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    DC Inno on IKANOW, “a startup that uses big data to crush hackers…”

    DC Inno recently interviewed IKANOW co-founders Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan for a profile story on IKANOW’s beginnings and growth. DC Inno’s Chris Bing begins, “Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan were once contracted by the U.S. military because of the powerful big data analytics software they created. The pair used their platform to predict the placement of improvised explosive devices (IED) in dangerous war zones, through their former company MTC Services Corporation (MTCSC), to keep armed forces safe. Now, Morgan and Camarata are applying a similar technology approach to understand…