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  • Palantir

    Palantir’s Struggles and Big Data’s Evolution in Information Security

    The media has documented some recent struggles by Palantir in retaining customers and staff. Included in this coverage is an assertion in a BuzzFeed article that: “Toward the end of last year, Palantir killed its effort to create an elite cybersecurity group, after executives decided it wasn’t gaining enough traction… In April 2015, employees were informed that American Express had dumped Palantir after 18 months of cybersecurity work… At its peak last year, two of the sources said, the cybersecurity team included more than 10 forward deployed engineers; the majority…

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    DC Inno on IKANOW, “a startup that uses big data to crush hackers…”

    DC Inno recently interviewed IKANOW co-founders Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan for a profile story on IKANOW’s beginnings and growth. DC Inno’s Chris Bing begins, “Dave Camarata and Chris Morgan were once contracted by the U.S. military because of the powerful big data analytics software they created. The pair used their platform to predict the placement of improvised explosive devices (IED) in dangerous war zones, through their former company MTC Services Corporation (MTCSC), to keep armed forces safe. Now, Morgan and Camarata are applying a similar technology approach to understand…

  • IKANOW-ISA nov 2nd 2015

    IKANOW Releases Fastest Big-Data Cyber Analytics Platform

    #NeedForSpeed Meet Our New Cyber Analytics Platform We are incredibly pleased to announce the release the latest version of our Information Security Analytics (ISA) platform! Now security teams can rapidly prioritize cyber problems and solve them—within minutes, hours or days vs. weeks or months. IKANOW accelerates cybersecurity decision-making by integrating SIEM tools and threat intelligence into a single platform. Now optimized security strategies can be prioritized and executed with ease and speed. IKANOW ISA for the CISO With the new ISA release, CISO’s get unprecedented power to: Monitor activity through a…

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    How can I use big data analytics for fraud detection?

    How can I use big data analytics for fraud detection? Fraud is defined as “deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.” Organizations and government agencies across the globe face a constant battle against a litany of threats, many of which can lead to catastrophic financial losses, stolen intellectual property, comprised customer data, and much more. How Fraud Impacts Organizations Fraud can impact organizations in a variety of ways. According to PwC’s “Global Economic Crime Survey”, 1 in 3 organizations report being hit by economic crime. While…

  • Ikanow’s Big Data & Cyber Security Offering

    Ikanow’s Big Data & Cyber Security Offering

    Last week we officially announced our partnership with Ronin Analytics in offering Big Data, cyber security solutions. We are extremely excited and proud to work with these industry experts and thought leaders to offer our clients the tools and methodologies necessary to properly defend themselves against cyber threats. It is no secret that cyber security is a rapidly evolving and increasingly complicated threat, not only to our national security, but the global economy. Organizations of all sizes are being forced to confront the inevitable, and develop a cyber strategy and…

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    Five Killer Techniques for Data Mining

    If the idea of “big data” intimidates you or if the concept of “data mining” sounds like intense labor to you, you’re not alone. Although powerful information can be gathered from infinite sources at any given time, it’s only natural that the majority of businesses have no idea where to begin in collecting relevant data. Because of this, data mining softwares and companies have emerged in order to assist corporations and governmental entities in collecting and organizing big data in such a way that it is able to help achieve…

  • Copy-of-Key

    IKANOW Releases Free API for Big Data Developers [News Release]

    New Developer API organizes, harnesses and enriches Big Data sources for actionable intelligence. IKANOW recently released a new free tool for developers to harness the power of Big Data. The new Developer API turns Big Data problems into analytical solutions. This free tool makes it simple for developers to organize, harvest and enrich a wide array of structured and unstructured data sources to build compelling data-driven applications. IKANOW designed the API for developers who create applications that use unstructured data or who integrate unstructured analytics into existing applications. This free…