Mar 03 2015

Significant Data Breaches – February 2015

It seems that each week we read about a new attack on a major enterprise or government agency. February was no different. Below is the IKANOW Breach Index along with the some additional details on the top breaches this past month.

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Anthem – Malicious Outsider


Anthem, Inc confirmed that hackers compromised a corporate database containing personal information of 78.8 million people. 60 million – 70 million were Anthem customers with the remaining being non-customers.

Anthem’s 10-k document, filed with the SEC, stated the cyber-attack did not affect the company’s financial performance for 2014, but will result in significant expenses in 2015. Read more here.

Jeb Bush – Accidental Loss


In the spirit of transparency,” former Florida Governor Jeb Bush published thousands of emails (around 275,000) he received during his time as governor between 1999 – 2007.  Most of the emails were harmless however some included phone numbers, home addresses, and even social security numbers.

Bush’s office plans on removing this personal information however the damage may have already been done.

TurboTax – Malicious Outsider


Intuit said it’s TurboTax unit stopped electronic filing of all state tax returns when states reported criminal attempts to obtain refunds through its software. It seems as though the fraudulent returns were obtained from sources outside of TurboTax however the investigation is ongoing.

According to the press release from Utah and this WSJ article, 19 states have identified potential fraud issues.

Standard Chartered (Pakistan) – Malicious Outsider


Hackers attacked the bank’s ATMs and some Standard Chartered account holders have found that their bank accounts are now empty. It seems to be confined to Pakistan and the hackers stole around Rs. 50,000 from the bank accounts. It’s unclear how many customers were affected.

Read more here.

Bter – Malicious Outsider

Chinese Bitcoin exchange, Bter, suspended its services after the theft of 7,170 BTC which is worth about $1.7 million.

Bter is offering a 720 BTC reward which is worth about $170,000 to anyone who can help get the stolen funds back.

Big Fish Games – Malicious Outsider


A piece of malware installed on the systems of the casual gaming company Big Fish Games has been used to steal customer payment information.

Big Fish told SecurityWeek that there is no indication that this issue had any impact on customers who purchased games for iOS and Android devices, or through Facebook.

Uber – Malicious Outsider


In a blog post, Uber said that they identified a 3rd partying accessing a database containing current and former Uber driver names and license numbers. They immediately discovered this and changed the access protocols for the database. Around 50,000 records were exposed.

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