Report – 451 Research Report About IKANOW

“The IKANOW platform plays well to today’s need to integrate and analyze information in both traditional and emerging environments.”

– Krishna Roy, Analyst at 451 Research



Some startups are pumped full of marketing buzz, but have scant few customers to act as reference points and to provide technology validation. IKANOW isn’t one of them. It already has customers, and seems to have carved out a business in threat intelligence. Not wishing to confine itself in a niche – albeit a lucrative and highly popular one these days – the startup wants to make a broader play beyond threat intelligence, and apply its multi-structured advanced-analysis platform to multiple industries and use cases. That’s a savvy move, albeit not without challenges, given the level of competition in this sector, IKANOW’s low market profile and its pricing model – which in spite of a free download and a version for pilot projects has a price tag geared to enterprises only.

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