Our Belief

Our Belief

IKANOW helps companies survive in a world of cyber pirates and pickpockets. PwC says the information security “numbers have become numbing. Year after year cyberattacks continue to escalate in frequency, severity and impact. Prevention and detection methods have proven largely ineffective against increasingly adept assaults, and many organizations don’t know what to do..” We agree. So we set out to make a difference.

The word IKANOW in Greek means to qualify. Information security analytics is about qualifying whether activity in your applications and on your networks is appropriate. However, the scale and complexity of identifying which data footprints represent risk and which are normal is getting harder.

The growth in applications, devices and threats generate so much data and provide so many attack vectors that it is easy to understand why information security professionals feel a loss of control. Based on our past experience, we knew that analytics could turn things around and help enterprises manage the shift that requires an emphasis on detection, context and insight to complement traditional prevention measures.


An Orientation Around Speed

Today, IKANOW provides lightning fast information security analytics for some of the largest and most sophisticated global enterprises. The outcome is faster breach detection, more accurate vulnerability prioritization and a better understanding of how the threat landscape impacts the enterprise. Our team sees speed as table stakes. There is too much data and the risks are too great to wait for an analytics tools churn through the data. At the same time, you need to look at all of the data and not just what is visible to the wide variety of proprietary vendor products.


Take Back Control with IKANOW

Enterprise information security teams feel overwhelmed and have a sense that they are losing what control they had previously. The rapid expansion of the attack surface, the rise in attacks and an increasing reliance on proprietary vendor solutions makes it hard to get in front of the problems. IKANOW puts information security teams back in control and improves the effectiveness and productivity of analysts. It is the visibility enterprises need today to protect themselves against cyber pirates and pickpockets.


Take Back Control of Your Information Security

It’s easy to understand why so many information security professionals feel like the don’t have control of their information security posture today.

  • The asset attack surface area is growing in volume, variety and complexity while IT has less control than ever over devices, users and policies
  • The volume, variety and sophistication of threats is rising rapidly
  • More installed security products in-house may mean more capabilities, but it surely means more vendor lock-in


No More Vendor Lock-in

When you only had three or four information security technologies, it didn’t matter that the software was proprietary. It may have even given you comfort. Things change when a few proprietary systems turn into the 60 or more that CSO online says typical large enterprises utilize. Multiple varieties of firewall, endpoint, SIEM, UBA, threat intelligence, incident response orchestration and more. Integration becomes an increasing challenge and information security teams cannot generate a comprehensive view of risk posture. Things get missed. Breaches compromise your data.

To address this many large vendors are simply acquitting other companies and offering information security as an integrated package. None will be comprehensive nor will they be best of breed in all categories. And, you will be locked-in to that vendor for better or worse. As the information security stack grows, silos of data are emerging and that is not in your best interest. In today’s environment threat actors deliberately design attacks that will go unnoticed by individual vendor software. Visibility across vendor stacks is increasingly important.


Defending A Bigger Target

The problem of the asset surface area growth is becoming better understood. There are simply more things to protect and the proliferation of BYOD and IoT has introduced more devices where security standards are not uniformly applied. This simply makes the enterprise a larger target for attack with less ability to deploy consistent defenses.


Confronting More Vendor Reliance

At the same time, we all know that threat actors and attacks are proliferating faster than we can extend our capabilities. But even those capabilities are creating issues. A CSO online article suggests typical large enterprises have more than 60 security products installed. However, these are proprietary systems. Security operations staffs are reliant the vendors when things go wrong.


An Open, Lightning Fast Solution

No wonder information security teams feel a loss of control. More to protect against more attacks and more reliance on vendors. IKANOW was built to address this problem. It’s built on open source technologies so you are in control and it will integrate easily with your existing tools. And, it can rapidly map your asset attack surface and identify correlations with external threat feed data.

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