Jan 10 2013

IKANOW Releases Free API for Big Data Developers [News Release]

New Developer API organizes, harnesses and enriches Big Data sources for actionable intelligence.


IKANOW recently released a new free tool for developers to harness the power of Big Data.

The new Developer API turns Big Data problems into analytical solutions. This free tool makes it simple for developers to organize, harvest and enrich a wide array of structured and unstructured data sources to build compelling data-driven applications.

IKANOW designed the API for developers who create applications that use unstructured data or who integrate unstructured analytics into existing applications.

This free API is based on Infinit.e, IKANOW’s open-source, Big Data analytics platform. Infinit.e is a cloud-based platform built from the ground up using best of breed open source technologies (like MongoDB, elasticsearch, and Hadoop) and architected for plug-and-play with a wide variety of data sources, text extraction engines and visualization widgets.

“The Infinit.e platform was built to make harvesting and analyzing massive, multi-layered datasets feasible and affordable,” said Craig Vitter, Product Evangelist at IKANOW.” Our free API makes it even easier for organizations to explore the possibilities of the Infinit.e platform without having to stand up additional infrastructure.”

IKANOW creates scalable Big Data solutions for businesses of all sizes. This API launch furthers their mission of fostering an understanding of Big Data with manageable and deployable open-source technologies.


?About IKANOW: ?IKANOW is focused on removing the current gaps in technology and knowledge to help open-source approaches gain mass appeal and adoption among enterprises and technology vendors alike. IKANOW solves the underlying issues of synthesizing structured and unstructured data for analytical consumption. Their goal is to enable mission agility by reducing the time required for analytical business value. For more information on IKANOW or our product offerings, visit

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