Nov 02 2015

IKANOW Releases Fastest Big-Data Cyber Analytics Platform


Meet Our New Cyber Analytics Platform

We are incredibly pleased to announce the release the latest version of our Information Security Analytics (ISA) platform! Now security teams can rapidly prioritize cyber problems and solve them—within minutes, hours or days vs. weeks or months. IKANOW accelerates cybersecurity decision-making by integrating SIEM tools and threat intelligence into a single platform. Now optimized security strategies can be prioritized and executed with ease and speed.


With the new ISA release, CISO’s get unprecedented power to:

  • Monitor activity through a visual dashboard
  • Report solutions to leadership and Board
  • Sharply reduce risk within their organizations

IKANOW ISA for Analysts

With the new ISA release, analysts get:

  • Faster search across across all data feeds
  • Streamlined communications
  • Ability to prioritize threats
  • Power to close cyber cases faster



According to a Top 5 U.S. bank, IKANOW’s information security analytics (ISA) platform increased the efficiency of their information security team by 50 percent. IKANOW’s cyber analytics platform allowed them to more quickly identify relevant cyber threats and then prioritize and triage responses.

New Features and Enhancements

New features released today include:

  • Lightning Search across all external and internal information
  • Risk analysis reports map prioritized assets and current vulnerabilities. This enables cost-to-fix estimates and optimized selection of patching resource allocation
  • Dashboard updates allowing customization for information security roles, including the CISO and cyber analyst
  • Threat feed scoring visualizations to maximize the value of threat intelligence information by ranking consistent criteria in a single location
  • Streamlined integration from third party data sources such as threat intelligence, networking scanning and hardware vendors

Threat Feed Scoring: Evaluate the Efficacy of Your Feeds

IKANOW is also introducing the industry’s first Threat Feed Scoring solution that enables users to evaluate the efficacy of their threat intelligence feeds. IKANOW is the first platform to marry the strategic needs of an organization for cyber management reporting and risk assessment with the tactical need for analytic speed of big data sets to quickly prioritize active cyber threats.





Lightning Search: Search across all internal and external data

No more looking for information twice. With Lightening Search, see all relevant data regardless of source in one search.



Customized, role-based dashboards

The new release provides role-based dashboards that provide cybersecurity situational awareness in the right context for roles ranging from CISO to Cyber Analyst.

Schedule a Demo

This release makes it easier for information security teams to find anomalies, detect threats faster, close cases faster, search through massive amounts of internal and external data, and work more efficiently. To learn what IKANOW can do for your organization, schedule a demo today!

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