Feb 10 2016

See IKANOW CTO Chris Morgan at InfraGard Next Week

chris-morgan-ikanowIKANOW CTO and co-founder Chris Morgan will present at the InfraGard conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, February 17th. The topic of his presentation: “What is the employee’s role in cybersecurity and what does that mean to the CISO?”

Although 80% of cyber threats come from outside an organization, a full 20% stem from insider threats according to Verizon’s “2015 Data Breach Investigations Report.” CISOs must defend against all attacks. In the end, every attack is looking for a host and increasingly these are unaware employees or exposed laptops. The question for the organization is, what responsibilities and accountability should be assigned to employees for behavior that exposes risk?

In the session, Chris will discuss how CISOs can engage colleagues across the business on security objectives, implement advanced employee training and other strategies to increase employee accountability for cybersecurity across the enterprise.

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