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    Video: Take Back Control of Your Information Security

    The numbers are staggering. PWC reported there were 60 million information security attacks on enterprises last year and CyberEdge Group found over 70% of all companies were breached. The attack surface has expanded rapidly as the number of managed devices increased another 72% over 2014 according to Cisco. According to IBM and CSO, the typical enterprise has between 60-85 information security tools to manage.  It’s no wonder information security teams feel like they have less control. Click the video below to learn more. If you would like to go deeper…

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    Using Big Data Analytics to Minimize Your Supply Chain Risk

    Today’s global supply chains face a tremendous amount of risk. From unreliable transportation, volatile costs in supplies, manufacturing/quality failures, to unpredictable events like natural disasters, it’s incredibly difficult to gain the insights needed to reduce your risk. According to the MIT Forum for Supply Chain and PwC Global Supply Chain and Risk Management Survey more than 60% of the companies surveyed said their performance indicators had dropped by 3% or more because of supply chain disruptions. Even with access to the appropriate data how do you determine; risky investments;  unsafe…