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    Knowns and Unknowns: What it Means to Shift from Prevention to Detection and Response

    “We haven’t stopped huge breaches. The focus now is on resilience, with smarter ways to detect attacks and faster ways to respond to them.”  MIT Technology Review, January 2016 There is a lot of talk about shifting the information security posture from a focus on prevention to greater emphasis on detection and response. In a world where you assume everyone is breached, the logical strategy involves rapid identification and containment. It doesn’t mean you stop patching vulnerabilities. It does mean that organizations need new tools, processes and, in many cases,…

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    Cyberthreat Defense Report: Analytics Climbs to Must-have Application for 2016

    The Cyberthreat Defense Report that came out two weeks ago includes survey results from over 1000 IT security professionals. The survey found next generation firewall, threat intelligence, user behavior analytics and information security analytics are the top four technologies slated for acquisition in 2016. Two of the four named technologies are analytics-based and one is in IKANOW’s sweet spot. This isn’t surprising to us as we see the uptick in demand for Security Analytics. The proliferation of both internal and external security data combined with the tiny footprints of sophisticated…

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    36-page 2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report Available for Download

    Researchers at CyberEdge Group today released the 2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report. You can download a complementary copy of the 36-page report that includes more than 30 charts and data tables below. The report is based on a survey of over 1,000 IT Security professionals in 10 countries. Some of the findings include: Percent of companies that were breached in 2015 Percent of companies expecting to be breached in 2016 Breakdown of companies by number of successful breaches in 2015 Top network security technologies currently in use Top security technologies planned…