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    The Verizon DBIR, the Phish Labs’ Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report, and a number of other recent announcements confirm what we all know. Phishing is a popular attack vector. This is an important data point for information security leaders. It also logically leads to two questions: Can you stop phishing to secure your enterprise assets? If you could stop phishing, what next? There is a lesson here in building an effective and resilient information security infrastructure that is missing in most enterprises today. A RESILIENT VECTOR AND AN ELUSIVE FOE…

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    IKANOW 1.5 Release – Giving Information Security Analysts Lightning Fast Search

    IKANOW today released Information Security Analytics (ISA) 1.5. The release includes several new features and some of the most powerful are designed to give information security analysts contextualized search capabilities that can reduce the investigation time between identified incident and confirmed intrusion. In addition, executives and managers can now use the enhanced dashboards to view new data about departmental risk and threat feed efficacy. And, we have added real-time integration for two additional commercial threat intelligence feeds. As with the features in the first release, ISA has maintained its commitment…

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    IKANOW Joins Top 20 on Cybersecurity 500 List

    Reston, VA – January 19, 2016 – IKANOW, the leader in open-source information security analytics, today announced it has joined the ranks of the top 20 on Cybersecurity Ventures’ Q1 2016 Cybersecurity 500 list at number 19. The Cybersecurity 500 is a directory of the most innovative cyber security companies to watch. “IKANOW’s latest release is resonating with CISOs,” said Steve Morgan, founder and CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures. “IKANOW is helping CISOs take fast and effective action to combat cyber threats due to their ability to contextualize breaches and prioritize top vulnerabilities…

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    IKANOW Releases Fastest Big-Data Cyber Analytics Platform

    #NeedForSpeed Meet Our New Cyber Analytics Platform We are incredibly pleased to announce the release the latest version of our Information Security Analytics (ISA) platform! Now security teams can rapidly prioritize cyber problems and solve them—within minutes, hours or days vs. weeks or months. IKANOW accelerates cybersecurity decision-making by integrating SIEM tools and threat intelligence into a single platform. Now optimized security strategies can be prioritized and executed with ease and speed. IKANOW ISA for the CISO With the new ISA release, CISO’s get unprecedented power to: Monitor activity through a…

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    InfoSec Analytics: IKANOW’s Major New Release

    Next level infosec analytics We are thrilled to announce today the release of the next version of our Enterprise Edition Information Security Analytics (ISA) platform. This new release will feature several major enhancements to our previous Enterprise Edition.  These enhancements will bolster the ability to actively recalibrate your security posture by applying adaptable analytical techniques and measurement tools that automate analysis and decision-making processes. This new release will include: A simple 3-step source/data ingestion process Enhanced sorting and searching of data 3rd party integrations Ability to collaborate create comprehensive visualizations Let’s…

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    Webinar Recording: Continuous cybersecurity optimization and prioritized risk reduction. What it takes.

    On July 9th, IKANOW hosted a webinar titled: “Continuous cybersecurity optimization and prioritized risk reduction. What it takes.” The presenters were Jason Pender, IKANOW’s SVP, Field Operations and Victor Buonocore, IKANOW’s Director, Product & Engineering. Jason was first up and provided a brief overview of IKANOW along with the challenges CISOs face today and how the boardroom impacts an organization’s security posture. Victor then discussed how these needs map to IKANOW’s new release. He talked about why IKANOW is updating our existing platform and provided a glimpse into the upcoming...

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    This is part 3 of our blog series, “Are your threat intelligence feeds saving you, or costing you?”. Part 1 covered gathering threat intelligence feeds and part 2 covered selecting the sources themselves. This blog will talk about how to leverage and get value from threat intelligence and threat analytics. Analytics ensures you get the most out of your threat feeds IDC estimates that spending on threat intelligence services will grow to more than $1.4 billion by 2018. But all that spending is useless if the data provided by the threat…

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    Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You – Part 2

    This is Part 2 of our blog series, “Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You.” Part 1 focused on gathering threat intelligence and making it work for you. This post will cover how to select threat intelligence feeds along with a few of our favorite private threat intel sources. How To Select The Best Threat Intelligence Feeds When evaluating which threat intelligence feed(s) are best for your organization, there are several things you should consider and learn. However, before you evaluate these feeds, you need to understand your organization’s mission, business, and…

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    Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You – Part 1

    This is the Part 1 of our blog series, “Analytics-Enhanced Threat Intel: Making Feeds Work For You.” Threat intelligence feeds are key to an effective cybersecurity arsenal. Combining the right feeds for your organization, and enhancing the feeds with an analytical threat intelligence platform, can dramatically improve an organization’s security posture. In Part 1 we look at two general types of threat intelligence feeds: private feeds and public (open source) feeds. Where Threat Intelligence Feeds Come From Ericka Chickowski of Dark Reading recently wrote a piece on the origins of threat intel. She references…

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    Cyber Threat Analytics versus Threat Intelligence

    We have discussions daily with customers, partners, and prospects about cyber security solutions and it’s not uncommon to hear questions like “What is cyber threat intelligence?” or “Where does cyber threat intelligence analytics fit into my organization?” This post will, hopefully, provide some clarity on what they mean to us and the benefits of using intelligence and analytics together. What is Cyber Threat Intelligence Just about every organization, publication, or institution has their definition of cyber threat intelligence. For us, when we think of it, we think of data/information that has gone through…