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    Corporate Risk Management added to CISO Portfolios

    CISOs who fret that corporate boards don’t pay enough attention to information security can take comfort in a trend that has CISOs expanding their responsibilities to include corporate risk management. In a recent Wisegate poll, nearly 100% of the respondents said they have this combined role. CISOs now have the opportunity to place information security within the larger corporate risk landscape and to share that perspective widely, particularly since many report to chief risk officers as well as CIOs. This change comes at a time when regulatory and compliance requirements…

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    Threat Intelligence Analytics: Why CISOs are Investing in it

    As Security Becomes a Boardroom Topic, CISOs Are Seeking Threat Intelligence Analytics Tools to See the Big Picture Required to Prioritize Risks and Align with Business Goals. Is all press good press? Not when it looks like this: Cyber security is a hot (very hot) topic because when successful attacks happen, the news hits front pages with speed and force—and it’s seldom pretty. Attacks don’t just cause bad press, they can cause massive amounts of fraud, loss of profits, and much more. The Home Depot data breach is expected to…

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    Big data cyber analytics and log analysis, in one platform

    The Ikanow open source big data cyber analytics platform was built from the ground up utilizing technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and elasticsearch. These make it easy to plug-and-play with different applications, data sources, and technologies. We deploy monthly releases of our open source platform so as you can imagine, there are new integrations, features, and capabilities being added on a regular basis. We don’t get a chance to blog about each and every integration however, we are extremely excited about our latest release. It’s a major new integration. When you…

  • Five ways big data will boost the insurance industry

    In the world of insurance, the biggest tool for both the buyer and the seller is predictability: for the buyer, you have considerable risk in the course of your life which you need to consider, and for the seller, your client list has to be predictable enough to manage the claims and stay ahead. Insurance data mining presents the opportunity for predictability in all aspects of the insurance industry; decisions can be informed by concise, sound, and reliable information. Here are five areas where Big Data can boost your insurance…